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James E. Dooley and Barbara Dooley Collection

Identifier: MSS 06-15
Content Description

Research and documentation concerning the chapter published in The History of Jackson County as “The Cultural Arts” (Sylva, N.C.: Jackson County Historical Association, 1987)

Dates: 1986 - 1987

James Frederick Zachary Collection

Identifier: SM 85-14
Content Description

The collection consists of four items pertaining to James Frederick Zachary: (1) a diploma from the Atlanta Southern Dental College conferring the degrees of Doctor of Dental Surgery (1919); (2) a license from the Board of Dental Examiners of Georgia (1919): (3) a license from the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners (1919); and (4) a license from the State of Washington to practice dentistry (1931).

Dates: 1919 - 1931

James R. Thomas, Sr. Collection

Identifier: MSS 80-04
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of partial and complete newspaper editions of the Asheville Citizen (July 18, 1916, and August 29, 1931) and the News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) (December 30, 1917; January 29, 1921; March 5, 1921; January 16, 22, 25, 29, 1923; February 3, 5, 6, 9-14, 22-27, 1923; March 9, 12, 13, 1923).

The majority of the news in the papers relates to World War I and its aftermath.

Dates: 1916 - 1931

James Robert Love Collection

Identifier: SM 80-55
Content Description Colonel Robert Love (1760-1845) was born in Augusta County, Virginia. Love fought in the Revolutionary War and at war's end moved to Washington County, North Carolina (now Unicoi County, Tennessee). He married Mary Ann Dillard (1767-1842) in 1783.Love was active in politics, serving as a delegate to the convention of the State of Franklin in 1784, state representative from Washington County in 1789, justice of the peace in the same county in 1788, delegate to the 1788 North...
Dates: 1818 - 1939

James W. Terrell Papers

Identifier: MSS 80-05
Scope and Contents James W. Terrell (1829-1908) was born in Rutherford County, NC. Little is known of his early years, except that he migrated westward to the Haywood County-Jackson County area of North Carolina.In 1852 Terrell took charge of William Holland Thomas's trading store in Quallatown, the business center of the North Carolina Cherokee community. Terrell eventually became an “Indian agent” (later known as superintendent), as was his employer and business partner, Thomas....
Dates: 1820 - 1908

James W. Wilson Collection

Identifier: SM 81-12
Content Description James W. Wilson (1832-1910) was influential in the promotion and construction of railroads in North Carolina. He served with the Confederacy during the Civil War. In 1864, he was appointed superintendent of the Western North Carolina Railroad and in 1876 was elected president of the Western. Wilson later served as chief engineer for other railroad companies, and was responsible for engineering many of the rail lines which first penetrated the western North Carolina mountains. The collection...
Dates: 1851 - 1954

James Watson Papers

Identifier: SM 80-11
Scope and Contents The collection contains correspondence to James Watson, a Confederate soldier in the 25th North Carolina Regiment, from his wife Elizabeth Watson and friend Alfred Wilson. The Watsons and Wilson were residents of Jackson County, NC. The first letter wasis dated October 29, 1861, and was written to James Watson, care of Colonel T.L. Clingman, in the Beaufort District of South Carolina. Mrs. Watson wrote about missing her husband, food prices, crop conditions, the...
Dates: 1861 - 1862

Jane Nagy and William Paulk Papers

Identifier: MSS 04-05
Content Description Correspondence of Jane Nagy and William Paulk, of Cullowhee, N.C. Folder 1: Correspondence, 1984, 1985 & 1986.Folder 2: Correspondence, 1987.Folder 3: Correspondence, 1988.Folder 4: Correspondence, 1988, 1989.Folder 5: Correspondence, 1990.Folder 6: Correspondence, 1991.Folder 7: Correspondence 1992.Folder 8: Correspondence, 1993, 1994. Folder 9: Correspondence, 1995, 1996...
Dates: 1984 - 1999

Jason D. Ledford Family Papers

Identifier: SM 80-10
Content Description The collection contains genealogical material concerning the family of Jason D. Ledford of Cherokee County, NC. The main theme of the collection is Nathaniel C. Browder's attempt to establish that Jason D. Ledford (c. 1800-18??) was the son of Peter Ledford, Sr., of Burke County, NC. Browder assembled his evidence through quotations from Ledford descendants and evidence from official documents.Included in the papers are copies of 1923 correspondence from H.J. Crumley of Benton,...
Dates: 1923 - 1978

Jean Casada Brooks Collection

Identifier: MSS 21-10
Scope and Contents

This is a collection of photographs previously owned by Mrs. Jean Casada Brooks (1944-1993) of Swain County, NC. She was the daughter of Lillie Woody Casada and Walter M. Casada. She married James Winfred Brooks.

Subjects of the photographs include family members, community events, and the Carolina Wood Turning Company in Bryson City, N.C. Family surnames include Brooks, Casada, and Woody.

Dates: 1926 - 1941

Jesse Bryson Stalcup Collection

Identifier: MSS 11-03
Content Description The collection contains correspondence of the Stalcup family of Macon County, North Carolina, 1899-1934; documents, including business and financial records; obituary information; thirty (30) photographs depicting images of the Stalcup family, the Buck Creek, North Carolina, vicinity, the Tate City, Georgia, vicinity, Mt. Zion Church in Macon County, mining and industrial scenes, and other scenes or buildings; eight (8) “Time Books” and/or “day books” of Jesse Bryson Stalcup containing names...
Dates: 1899 - 1955

Jesse C. Crisp Collection

Identifier: SM 91-03
Content Description

Papers of the Crisp and related families, consisting of correspondence, legal papers, and deeds in Graham and Swain counties, North Carolina, and dated 1855 to 1930.

Dates: 1855 - 1930

Jesse R. Siler Collection

Identifier: SM 80-50
Content Description The collection consists of photocopies of letters, journals and a diary. The correspondence consists of love letters between Harriet and Jesse R. Siler, written when he was traveling. Of note, is an 1836 letter in which Siler recounts a meeting with the "Old President", assumed to be Andrew Jackson. Mention is made in the same letter of "Calhoun," which could be John C. Calhoun, the former vice-president under Jackson. The first letter is dated 1816 was signed by Robert B. Vance of Buncombe...
Dates: 1816 - 1889

Jimmy Reed Collection

Identifier: MSS 99-02
Scope and Contents Photographs, reminiscences, and memorabilia, including topically arranged ring-binders. Grouped topics listed include (1) Jimmy Reed Narrative, Class of 1928, Selfridge Field, Frog Level (Haywood County, NC); (2) State and Local Figures, Haywood Community College (Clyde, NC); (3) National Figures, Mrs. Carl Sandburg, Dr. Billy Graham, Prisons, Wildlife; (4) Miscellaneous, State and Local Events, Fontana Dam (Swain County, NC); (5) Miscellaneous, Liftoffs, Lassie, Wagon Train; (6)...
Dates: 1858 - 1995

Jo Ann Smith Collection

Identifier: SM 84-01
Content Description The first part of the collection is a photocopy of an 1883 land deed (attested copy 1887) in Jackson County on Mull Branch on which the Liberty School was built; Lewis J. Smith and Clara Smith donated land for educational purposes. This school was dismantled and moved to a site across from the Baptist Church in Cullowhee, where it was attached to the first building for WCU. The addition includes photocopies of selections from a scrapbook belonging to Mrs. Jo Ann Smith. Smith has...
Dates: 1887 - 1977

Joel T. Hubbard Collection

Identifier: MSS 80-02
Scope and Contents

Joel Thomas Hubbard (1855-1933) was the owner and operator of a dry goods and notions store in Wilkesboro, NC, in the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

The collection consists primarily of correspondence to Hubbard from 1880-1931. In addition, there are business records, deeds, tax records and other legal documents, and news clippings. There is limited information on timber operations in Wilkes County, NC.

Dates: 1845 - 1932

John Abbot Collection

Identifier: SM 80-06
Scope and Contents The collection includes letters and four picture postcards with messages on the backs, received by Rosa Gibbs, an African American resident of Sylva, NC. The correspondence is from family and friends in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and New Jersey. Other items in the collection include a picture of an unidentified couple and a bank book of Marion Carey of Waynesville, NC. The picture is possibly of Rosa Love and her husband. Carey’s relationship to Rosa Love Gibbs...
Dates: 1899 - 1935

John and Irenah Wike Collection

Identifier: MSS 09-03
Scope and Contents Papers relating to the family of John Wike (1788-1841) and Irenah Isenhower Wike (1789-1875) of Jackson County, North Carolina, containing correspondence from the latter part of the 19th century through the early part of the 20th centur; western North Carolina land grants and deeds from the 19th century; School Census Record cards from the 1930's; brochures from the late 19th century through the early 20th century; a Winchester Firearms poster with land survey information written on the...
Dates: 1822 - 1949

John B. Battle Papers

Identifier: MSS 92-02
Content Description

Published and typescript materials associated with a Western Carolina University Mountain Heritage Center collection.

Dates: 1850 - 1932

John B. Battle Papers, Add. #1

Identifier: MSS 00-01
Content Description

The collection consists of a variety of historical, although unrelated, items.

Dates: 1858 - 1963

John B. Battle Photographs

Identifier: MSS 94-9
Content Description Twenty-one (21) images on twelve (12) items (i.e. some items have two images, front and back). Most images have had a number penciled in one corner (indicated under "Description" below) Item - Description1) [unidentified group photograph; seventeen people in two rows on a front porch. Numbered "1"]2) [unidentified; rail-line running along river leading into a town/settlement; hillsides are barren. Numbered "2"][unidentified; view of a town across a...
Dates: 1860 - 1930

John Ehle Collection

Identifier: SM 17-02
Content Description

John Ehle manuscript Pray to the Red Rattlesnake (typescript with handwritten edits), 644 pages. A proof copy of Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation accompanied the donation and has been cataloged with Special Collections books.

Dates: 1980

John Goebel Collection

Identifier: SM 80-21
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of data compiled by John Goebel from cemeteries in Buncombe, Haywood, and Swain counties, and the Qualla Reservation (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians) of North Carolina. The information includes the number of graves, names of those buried, dates of birth and death, and inscriptions.

Dates: 1786 - 1960

John Jacob Niles (Film) Collection

Identifier: SM 94-01
Content Description

One copy of the film "John Jacob Niles" by Appalshop, Inc. (32 minutes, color, c1978), with accompanying film transcript and study guide.

Dates: 1978

John Lyle Collection

Identifier: SM 21-02
Scope and Contents

This collection contains reminiscences and photographs of the Cullowhee, NC portion of a bicycle trip made by Mr. John Lyle.

Dates: 1984 - 2021

John Moore Crawford Family Collection

Identifier: SM 80-24
Scope and Contents John Moore Crawford (1829-1933) was a descendant of George W. Crawford, Sr., the latter being the progenitor of Crawfords in Haywood, Macon, Clay and Cherokee Counties, NC. George W. Crawford, Jr., and Lorena Moore were the parents of John Crawford. The genealogy of the Crawford family may be found in incomplete form in W.C. Allen's The Annals of Haywood County, North Carolina (pp. 558-567). See also the excerpt from Daniel's Lyle's Daniel Lyle, Immigrant, which relates the ancestry of...
Dates: 1812 - 1946

John Parris Collection

Identifier: MSS 00-06
Content and Scope Papers of journalist and author John A. Parris (1914 - 1999).Parris served as a war correspondent during World War II and reported from the North African and European theaters. After the war he became noted for his "Roaming the Mountains" column that was a regular feature of the Asheville Citizen and Asheville Citizen-Times newspapers and which first appeared in February 1955.Parris' works included Springboard to Berlin (co-author; New York: Thomas Y. Crowell...
Dates: 1853 - 1999

John Preston Arthur Collection

Identifier: MSS 85-09
Scope and Contents The bulk of this collection concerns John Preston Arthur's book, Western North Carolina: A History (From 1730 to 1913), originally published in 1914 by the Edwards & Broughton Printing Company (Raleigh, NC) in cooperation with Edward Buncombe Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) of Asheville, NC. Arthur worked in conjunction with Mrs. Theodore S. Morrison, who was connected with the DAR, to prepare his history. Arthur's papers subsequently came into the possession...
Dates: 1899 - 1935

John R. Brinkley Papers

Identifier: SM 02-06
Content Description

Bound, typescript report entitled “Properties of Dr. John R. Brinkley, Sylva, North Carolina,” by Ellis Clarke Soper, Consulting Engineer, containing “Letter of Transmittal” (four pages, dated May 1, 1937), “Index” (three pages), “Report” (fifteen numbered pages plus title page), “Appendix” (three pages), thirty-five photographs, and two maps.

Dates: 1937-05-01

John S. Seymour Collection

Identifier: MSS 84-03
Scope and Contents John S. Seymour was an Associate Professor of Sociology at Western Carolina Teachers College (WCTC) (later Western Carolina University). Seymour was born in Charleston, SC, on April 5, 1893. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees (1921, 1927) in social science and education from the University of South Carolina, and a second M.A. degree from Columbia University (1928). He also did advanced study at the George Peabody College for Teachers and the University of North Carolina....
Dates: 1935 - 1940