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Printed Documents - Religion

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PD #1 Campbell, Robert F., Rev. Mission Work Among the Mountain Whites in Asheville Presbyter. Asheville: The Citizen Company, 1899.

PD #2 Webster Circuit, M.E. Church, South. Sylva, N.C.: Journal Publishing Co., 1907. [photocopy]

PD #3 Artist's conception of the Old Pleasant Hill Baptist Church: 1864.

PD #4 Program: The District Conference, Church School, and Christian Endeavor Convention: August 15-19, 1934.

PD #5 Program: District Schedule - Asheville District of the Blue Ridge Conference - African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: 1948.

PD #6 Fifth Commencement Programme, Central Consolidated High School, Class of 1953 -- Liberty Baptist Church, Sylva, North Carolina: 1953.

PD #7 Booklet: "The History of Brittain Presbyterian Church," Rutherford, North Carolina: 1976.

Program: "1768 Bicentennial Celebration 1968," Brittain Presbyterian Church, Rutherford: 1968.

PD #8 Brochures: Lake Junaluska Assembly: 1981 and n.d.

PD #9 First Baptist Church, Sylva, N.C., pamphlets: (1) "Dedication: The Sanctuary," December 5, 1965; (2) "The Dedication and Note Burning Ceremonies of the First Baptist Church, Sylva, North Carolina, Sunday, June 24, 1973;" (3) "Part of the Future in the Light of the Past and of the Present," July 1973.

PD #10 Programs: First Baptist Church, Murphy, N.C.

Centennial Program: “Theme: Crowning a Century with Christ.” November 18-25, [1945]. From MSS 80-69, C.D. Killian, folder 245.

Program: "Concert of Sacred Music Presented by The Choir, Cullowhee Baptist Church." April 20, 1947.

PD #11 Program: 100th Anniversary celebration (1892-1982) for "Saint David's in the Valley," Cullowhee, North Carolina: August 28-30, 1992.

PD #12 Songs of Zion: Supplement to the Hymn Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Edited by Thos. O. Summers. Nashville, Tenn.: E. Stevenson & F.A. Owen, 1855.

PD #13 Black Mountain Missionary Baptist Church, Cullowhee NC. Brief history. n.d.

PD #14 Cullowhee Methodist Church: “The Cullowhee Courter.” Vol. 2, issue 9, n.d.

PD #15 Wesley Foundation, Cullowhee: “Wesley Wanderings.” Vol. 11, Sept. 24, 1967.

PD #16 Billy Graham Training Center: “2008 Program Guide: Seminars and Events at the Cove.”

PD #17 Sylva Baptist Church: “1888-1988 : Centennial History and Pictorial Directory of the First Baptist Church, Sylva, North Carolina.” [1988?]. (2 copies)

PD #18 The Summit Church: Flyer, n.d. (2 copies)

PD #19 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church: Flyer, n.d.

PD #20 Jenkins, Mark. Historical Sketch of Calvary Episcopal Church. Fletcher, N.C.: Calvary Parish, 1959. (2 copies). NOTE: See SPEC COLL BX5980.F56 J45 1959 for additional copy.

PD #21 Guide for Lay Readers. Compiled by a group of clergymen and lay readers for the General Division of Laymen’s Work, Protestant Episcopal Church. New York: Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1962.

The Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper: The Celebration of Holy Eucharist and Ministration of Holy Communion. New York: Church Pension Fund, 1967.

Galpin, William. Some Ought-to-be-Known Symbols and Terms of the Church. Muskegon, Mich.: Parish Printery, n.d.

PD #22 The Dawn of Day (periodical). Issues for 1892 bound together.

PD #23 Year Book of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council. Diocese of Western North Carolina, 1958-1959. Year Book of Episcopal Churchwomen. Diocese of Western North Carolina, for the following years: 1959-1960; 1960-1961 (2 copies); 1961-1962; 1968

PD #24 Journals. Conventions of the Missionary Jurisdiction of Asheville for the following years: 1898 (Fourth Annual); 1899 (Fifth Annual); 1900 (Sixth Annual); 1901 (Seventh Annual); 1902 (Eighth Annual).

PD #25 Journals. Conventions of the Missionary Jurisdiction of Asheville for the following years: 1903 (Ninth Annual); 1904 (Tenth Annual); 1905 (Eleventh Annual); 1907 (Thirteenth Annual); 1908 (Fourteenth Annual); 1972 (Fiftieth Annual).

PD #26 Journals. Conventions of the Diocese of Western North Carolina of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the following years: 1950 (28th Annual); 1958 (36th Annual); 1959 (37th Annual); 1960 (38th Annual) (3 copies).

PD #27 Journals. Conventions of the Diocese of Western North Carolina of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the following years: 1961 (39th Annual); 1962 (40th Annual) (2 copies); 1974 (52nd Annual)

PD #28 Journals. Conventions of the Diocese of Western North Carolina of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the following years: 1977 (55th Annual) (2 copies); 1980 (59th Annual).

PD #29 St. Agnes Church, Franklin, N.C.: The First Fifty Years. Franklin, N.C.: Franklin Press, 1938.

Tester, Welch K. An Historical Sketch of Trinity Episcopal Church, Spruce Pine, N.C. 1959.

PD #30 Map. “The Episcopal Church in Western North Carolina Highway Map, with Location of Churches and Schedule of Services”. Asheville: Diocese of Western North Carolina, 1955.

PD #31 The Living Church. April 9, 1978 [“The Life and Times of A. Rufus Morgan, Priest: A Living Church Interview”]. Gift of Bob Failing.

PD #32 Cullowhee Baptist Church 1996: Celebrating 175 Years.

PD #33 Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church: A Century of Progress Through Faith, 1880-1980. Asheville, N.C.

PD #34 First Presbyterian Church of Sylva publications.

"The First Presbyterian Church, Sylva, N.C." Compiled by J. Davis Whitesides. 1966.

"History of the Sylva Presbyterian Church, Sylva, North Carolina, 1941-1991." N.d.

PD #35 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sylva, N.C. All materials gift of Matthew A.C. Newsome.

Hains, David. Voices and Places of the People of God: The Diocese of Charlotte. Strasbourg, France: Editions du Signe, 2006.

"St. Mary's Parish, Sylva, N.C." [5 p., typewritten, regarding Catholic Student Center at Western Carolina University]

"History of Christ the King Mission and the Catholic Student Center, Cullowhee, N.C." [3 p., typewritten]

"St. Mary's Catholic Parish, Sylva, North Carolina: A Parish Profile." [10 p.], 1988.

"Cullowhee Catholics: A History of Catholic Campus Ministry at WCU." By Matthew A.C. Newsome, 2012. [4] p.

Untitled document. History of Catholic churches in western North Carolina. N.d.

PD #36 "History of the Church of the Good Shepard, Cashiers, N.C." 35p., typewritten.

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