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Printed Documents - Poetry and Literature

Identifier: PDPoetryAndLiterature


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PD #1 The South Atlantic: A Monthly Magazine of Literature, Science, and Art. Vol. IV, No. 4: October 1879.

Article: Clingman, T.L. "Grandfather Mountain and Jim Riddle."

PD #2 The Demorest Quarterly Journal Fashions: 1887.

PD #3 Camp Laboratory School, Cullowhee, N.C. Gray Matter in Black and White. Vol. VIII: Spring 1976.

PD #4 Camp Laboratory School, Cullowhee, N.C. Gray Matter in Black and White. Vol. VI: Spring 1974. (two copies).

PD #5 Madison, Robert L. (two poems): "Friends" and "What Is Thy Cross": n.d.

PD #6 Carden, Gary. Programs for the play "The Uktena."

PD #7 Booklets by W.S. (Slim) Davis: (1) Uncle Ernie and "The Gentleman Cow!; (2) Th' Ol' Rhymin' Ridge Runner's Ramblin' Rhymes -- Best Loved Poems; (3) The Sunday School Picnic; (4) Ol' Whiskers; (5) 'We Never Lie to Strangers'; (6) The Heart of the Hills; (7) The Ol' Ridge Runner Gently . . . Presents the Turkey Hollar Varmit!. Accompanying the booklets are three newspaper clippings, two from the Kannapolis Daily Independent (Oct. 12, 1983 and n.d.) and one from Carabarrus Neighbors (March 4, 1984).

PD #8 Robbinsville High School. The 1991 Robbinsville High School Literary Magazine, volume two.

PD #9 Irving, Washington. “Knickerbocker Stories From the Old Dutch Days of New York.” Standard Literature Series, no. 23. 1897.

PD #10 Smith, Carrie Weaver. Andrews Raid: A Ballad and Selected Poems. 1944.

PD #11 Walker, Willie Kendrick and Edyth Walker. Penned Ramblings. Taylors, S.C.: Faith Printing Company, 1963. Signed by both authors.

PD #12 Clippings: Concerning Slim Davis, a.k.a. Ol’ Ridge Runner. 1983-1984, n.d.

PD #13 McMurray, Mary I. Legendra. Boston: Stratford Company, 1934. Signed by the author.

PD #14 Booklet: “Thomas Wolfe’s ‘Altamont’ of Look Homeward, Angel with Illustrated Map.” Map of Asheville in 1912, identifying buildings, neighborhoods, and landmarks. Published by Thomas Wolfe Memorial State Historic Site.

PD #15 Camp Laboratory School, Cullowhee, N.C. Gray Matter in Black and White. Vol. XVII: Spring, 1988.

PD #16 Southwestern Community College. Pen and Ink. Vol. 3, no. 1: Summer 1991.

PD #17 Smoky Mountain High School, Sylva, N.C. The Coelacanth: The Smoky Mountain High School Literary and Visual Arts Journal of 2004. 2004.

PD #18 Southwestern Community College. Milestone. Vol. 3, 2002.

PD #19 Southwestern Community College. Art & Literature Review. Vol. 1, 1998-1999.

PD #20 Southwestern Community College. Milestone. Vol. 3, 2001.

PD #21 Crum, Joseph U. Scribbling. Cullowhee, N.C. n.d.

PD #22 Asheville-Biltmore College. Bluets Literary Magazine. Vol. 32, no. 1, Fall 1961. From Public Information, 1996.

PD #23 Brochure: “Gary Carden: Storyteller, Folklorist and Playwright.” n.d. (2 copies)

PD #24 Byer, Kathryn Stripling. Alma. Phoenix Press, 1983. #68 in a printing of 300 copies.

PD #25 Independent Press for Environment and Arts: 2009 (3 copies) and “The Art of Can” postcard, n.d.

PD #26 McKenzie, Lillian Crawford. Dear Mama & Papa: Oct. 1925-Sept. 1961. Self-published, n.d. Signed by the author.

PD #27 Cabanis-Brewin, Jeannette. Patriate: Poems. Fayetteville, N.C.: Longleaf Press, 2007. Signed by the author.

PD #28 Romero, Wanalee. Dancing on the Border: Revised Mexican Folklore in Josephina Niggli’s Mexican Village. Thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 2006. Gift of the author, July 2006.

PD #29 “Voices of the Mountains: Literary Landscapes of Southern Appalachia.” December 2000. (from Asheville Citizen-Times).

PD #30 Poster. Sue Ellen Bridgers. Ottawa, Kansas: The Writing Conference, Inc. n.d. NOTE: OVERSIZED.

PD #31 Walser, Richard and Mary Reynolds Peacock. Young Reader’s Picturebook of Tar Heel Authors. Raleigh: North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, 1981. Gift of Bob Failing.

PD #32 United Airlines. Hemispheres. August 2000. [containing Fred Chappell, Lee Smith, and Robert Morgan, “Tell It on the Mountain”] Gift of Bob Failing. PD #33 Southwestern Community College. Milestone. Vol. 8, 2009. PD #34 Southwestern Community College. Milestone. Vol. 9, 2011. PD #35 Hirt, Lillian Wyatt. Poetry books. Love and Some Other Things. Fairview, N.C.: Independent Torch Publishing Co., 1994. [2 copies] Wake Robin, Now. 1982. When Winter Comes. 1992. [2 copies] Windrow. 1984. Little Bits of Life. (with Julian Hirt). 1997.

PD #36 Hayes, Hubert. Smoky Joe: A Comedy in Three Acts. Boston: Baker’s Plays, 1936.

PD #37 Ferrell, Richard H. A Flopeye Native Reflects. 2000. [signed by author]

PD #38 Bay Leaves 1974-1975: Prize-Winning Poems in Contests Sponsored by The Poetry Council of North Carolina, Incorporated. Edited by Winnie Murphy Killian. No. 13. N.d.

PD #39 Pisgah Review: A Literary Journal of Poetry and Fiction. Vol. 1, no. 1. Cullowhee, N.C.: Pisgah Review Publications, 2005.

PD #40 Southwestern Community College. Milestone. Vol. 10, 2013.

PD #41 Kelly, Ivory Joe. In This, My 42’nd Year. I.J.K, 2012. [2 copies]

PD #42 Bird, William Ernest. New Springs Overflowing: More Lyrics by the Layman, 1972. [Two copies, one signed]

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