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Helen M. Godwin Papers, add. #1

Identifier: MSS 90-1
This addition to the Helen Godwin collection contains five short articles and two longer manuscripts. The articles are: (1) Mother (2) Billie and Nannie (3) Maxwell Orphanage (4) Snakes in my Life (5) A Beautiful Memory

"Early Schools of Southwestern North Carolina" concerns highlights of Helen Godwin's teaching career in Jackson and Macon counties. She elaborated on the hardships and conditions that she encountered from the time she started her education through her teaching career. Some of the highlights include methods of teaching, construction of schools, teacher salaries, children, poor people, improving sanitary conditions, transportation, and how the Board of Education finally became a dominant force. Helen Godwin ended her teaching career in Jackson and Macon counties in 1930. She married and moved to the eastern part of the state.

"Annie in the Shadows" is the story of the lives of three families (Stewart, Thompson, Blaine) in a small mountain town. Family togetherness, church socials, and education are some of the main factors in the lives if these families. Annie Stewart and Eager Thompson are cousins. During their childhood and through adolescence, they fall in love. Anne's parents protest this relationship and forbids them to see each other. At age eighteen, Annie is sent to another community to teach school and Eager joins the Navy. Eager writes Anne during their separation, but his letters are kept from her. Anne marries Jack Blaine, a man with a temper who brings her and her children ten years of domestic turmoil. It takes a murder and a fatal accident to change Anne's life for the better, and to reunite her with her first love.


  • 1989 - 1990

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