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North Carolina Art Education Association Records, Add. #13

Identifier: MSS 92-5
Content Description Folder 1 - Art Contest Guidelines (pamphlets).

Folder 2 - Constitution of the North Carolina Arts Education Association.

Folder 3 - Correspondence and other information: 1991.

Folder 4 - Executive Board Meeting schedule: 1991.

Folder 5 - Five Year Plan (Texas Art Education Association): 1990.

Folder 6 - "The First Twenty-Five Years,” history compiled by E. Frances Crim and Dr. Perry Kelly.

Folder 7 - Newsletter, ...

North Carolina Art Education Association Records, Add. #14

Identifier: MSS 93-1
Content Description Folder 1 - NCAEA Annual Conference: October 5-8, 1978.

Folder 2 - NCAEA Annual Conference: March 15-18, 1979.

Folder 3 - NCAEA Annual Conference: April 17-20, 1980.

Folder 4 - NCAEA Annual Conference: November 19-22, 1981.

Folder 5 - NCAEA Annual Conference: November 4-7, 1982.

Folder 6 - NCAEA Award of Merit for Barbara BowmanL 1991.

Folder 7 - NCAEA Board of Directors Meeting: February 6-7, 1981.

Folder 8 - NCAEA ...

North Carolina Art Education Association Records, Add. #15

Identifier: MSS 93-4
Content Description Folder 1 - Arts Article

Folder 2 - Awards Committee and awards winners for 1991.

Folder 3 - Board of Directors Agenda for November 5, 1989.

Folder 4 - Board of Directors list of Officers: 1990 - 1991.

Folder 5 - Board of Directors scheduled meeting dates.

Folder 6 - Board of Directors Meetings: November 17, 1990, February 22, 1991.

Folder 7 - "By Design" Newsletter.

Folder 8 - Constitution of the ...

North Carolina Art Education Association Records, Add. #18

Identifier: MSS 99-11
Content Description Folder 1 – Awards: 1999.

Folder 2 – Ballots: 1999.

Folder 3 – Board Meeting.

Folder 4 – Board Meeting: February 7, 1998.

Folder 5 – Board Meeting: November 6, 1998.

Folder 6 – By Design: 1999.

Folder 7 – Executive Board Meeting: 1998, 1999.

Folder 8 – Executive Board Meeting: 1999.

Folder 9 – Files of Debra Cooper: 1999.

Folder 10 – National Art Education Association Southeast ...

North Carolina Art Education Association Records, Add. #3

Identifier: MSS 85-02
Scope and Contents This addition to the North Carolina Art Education Association collection contains financial records, correspondence relating to finances, requests for payment, bank statements, checks and monthly financial reports. For additional information, see the entry descriptions under MSS 80-50, MSS 81-07 and MSS 81-10.

North Carolina Nurses Association - District 23

Identifier: MSS 82-01
Scope and Contents The North Carolina Nurses Association is incorporated under North Carolina law. The Association's objectives were to organize registered professional nurses in North Carolina for the purpose of advancing and promoting the best interests of the nursing profession; to promote high standards; to propose, sponsor, and advocate legislative enactments regulating professional nurses; and to promote working conditions and compensation of nurses.

The collection contains the minutes and some ...

North Carolina Trails System

Identifier: MSS 81-11
Scope and Contents The collection contains brochures, clippings, and articles on trail systems inthe North Carolina trail system. The items are arranged alphabetically by trail name and then chronologically within each trail heading. The trails and trail systems covered include the North Carolina Bartram Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Benton MacKaye Trail, North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail, as well as bicycle trails, canoe trails, and individual hiking trails, most of them in western North Carolina.

North Shore Cemetery Decoration Project Collection

Identifier: MSS 06-01
Scope and Contents Materials concerning the cultural and natural history of the “north shore” of the present Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina - Tennessee, including, but not limited to, a two volume “compilation of documents regarding the Environmental Impact Study on the North Shore Road in the Great Smoky Mountain [sic] National Park in Swain County, North Carolina” (cover letter dated April 16, 2003); a “Cultural Resources Existing Conditions Report, North Shore Road Environmental Impact ...

Norton Family Collection

Identifier: SM 80-17
Scope and Contents The collection consists of two genealogical studies of the Norton family by Harry Wright, specifically a 1973 study and an expanded 1974 version. The 1973 study begins with Thomas Norton of England and traces his line through his family's immigration to America and their settlement in Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. The study stops with the children of William and Jemima Norton of North and South Carolina. The 1974 study repeats the 1973 edition and adds a list of the ...

Paul Fink Collection

Identifier: MSS 81-18
Scope and Contents This collection consists of photographs of the Great Smoky Mountains region, by Paul Fink of Jonesboro, TN. A hiking companion of Horace Kephart (see MSS 80-24 Horace Kephart), Fink advocated for the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the 1920s. This collection was acquired in conjunction with the Horace Kephart collection.

Pauline Pressley Collins Collection

Identifier:  MSS 10-03
Content Description Photo album, bound in black and white textile, containing ninety-seven (97) photographs and various memorabilia, 1921-2009 and/or no date; clippings; and, photocopy of a ledger detailing genealogy of local families (141 pages).

Penland Family Papers

Identifier: MSS 80-39
Content Description The items concern the Penland family of Burke and Clay counties, NC, and include petitions, wills, indenture statements, inventories, and a real estate ledger. An account book is missing. Specific items include a 1794 road petition in Burke County, NC, signed by William Penland; George Penland's War of 1812 pay roll and muster roll cards (1815-1817); documents settling William Penland's estate (1815-1816); an indenture document between George Penland and James Patton (1825); property ...

Penland Land Grant

Identifier: SM 99-02
Content Description One (1) grant for a tract of land from the State of North Carolina (hand-numbered as No. 2392) to W.C. Penland for 100 acres in Macon County, NC, embracing "part of the land lately acquired by Treaty from the Cherokee Indians." Grant entered August 1, 1857; witnessed by John W. Ellis, December 29, 1860; attached survey dated April 28, 1854; registered in Macon County on February 10, 1874.

Peter Witt Spider Photographs, Add. #2

Identifier: MSS 92-6
Scope and Contents Slides concerning spiders and experiments relating to the behavior of spiders.

Peter Witt Spider Photographs, Add #3

Identifier: MSS 93-6
Scope and Contents Photographic slides of spiders and/or experiments related to the behavior of spiders. Two copies of the sound film "Life On a Thread" by Laurence Salzmann and Peter N. Witt (Blue Flower Films, c1973; color, circa twenty minutes) concerning the study of behavior of web-building spiders.

Slide # Caption

301. fast / slow growers

302. male / female growth

303. growth, size measures

304. growth, reg. measures

305. Neoscona, ...

Peter Witt Spider Photographs, Add. #4

Identifier: MSS 94-2
Scope and Contents Films of spiders and/or experiments and studies related to the behavior of spiders or web-building, including: eleven (11) short films (c. running time two - three minutes each) dating from c. 1967-1968; six (6) films (from c. 7 - 22 minutes in running time) dating from c. 1966-1973, including the sound film "Life On a Thread" by Laurence Salzmann and Peter N. Witt (Blue Flower Films, c1973; one (1) video tape.

Photo Album of the Great Smokey Mountains

Identifier: MSS 87-06
Scope and Contents This collection consists of the “Photo Album of the Great Smokey Mountains,” compiled by Max V. Straub, of Canton, OH. The photographs in this album are dated from 1926-1930, and show a variety of locations within the Great Smoky Mountains. Many of the locations shown would become part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, chartered in 1934 and officially dedicated in 1940.

Straub's photographs show the Great Smoky Mountains region and some of its inhabitants ...

Printed Documents - Counties (excluding Jackson County)

Identifier: PD-Counties
Scope and Contents This collection contains printed ephemera relating to the mountain counties of North Carolina (excluding Jackson).

Printed Documents - Counties (Jackson)

Identifier: PD-CountiesJackson
Scope and Contents Printed ephemera related to Jackson County, North Carolina divided by town or region.

Printed Documents - General

Identifier: PDGeneral

Printed Documents - Georgia

Identifier: PDGeorgia

Printed Documents - Maps

Identifier: PD - Maps

Printed Documents - Mount Mitchell

Identifier: PDMountMitchell

Printed Documents - Music

Identifier: PDMusic

Printed Documents - North Carolina

Identifier: PDNorthCarolina

Printed Documents - Poetry and Literature

Identifier: PDPoetryAndLiterature

Printed Documents - Religion

Identifier: PDReligion

Printed Documents - Tennessee

Identifier: PDTennessee

Printed Documents - Transportation

Identifier: PDTransportation

Prof. Madison’s “Message to the Students”

Identifier: SM 00-13
Content Description A three page handwritten document, apparently in the handwriting of Robert L. Madison, titled “A Message to the Students”

R.A. Romanes Collection

Identifier: MSS 90-3
Content Description The main body of the collection consists of photographic prints and negatives of various sizes (2" x 3" to 8" x 10") for the period of 1928 - 1972, although most items are concentrated in the years 1930 - 1960.

Also included in the collection are news clippings and magazine articles, either featuring photographs in the Romanes collection or concerning subjects featured in the photographs. There is one folder each of correspondence, financial data, and biographical information on ...

Ramsey – West Collection (W.C.T.C. 1949 – 1951)

Identifier: SM 10-20
Content Description Materials concerning Ruth West during her years as a student at Western Carolina Teachers College, including Catamount yearbooks for 1949, 1950, 1951, with personal inscriptions from classmates; and, twelve (12) photographs featuring students on campus and also the 1949 Catamount baseball team.

Robert L. Madison Collection

Identifier: MSS 81-15
Content Description Madison was born in Staunton, VA, on Feb. 17, 1867. He was the son of Robert Lewis and Helen Banister Madison. In 1885, he graduated from the University of Chattanooga. In 1888, Madison moved to Sylva, NC. In 1891, he married Ella V. Richards of Elizabeth, NJ. They had six children: Robert Edward, James Ambrose, Annie Louise, Monro Bolling, William Haight, and John Banister.

Robert Lee Madison founded Cullowhee High School, forerunner of Western Carolina University, in 1889. ...

Robert L. Madison Letter, Add #5

Identifier: SM 95-03
Content Description Original, handwritten letter from Robert L. Madison, principal of the Cullowhee High School, dated March 5, 1895, from Painter, North Carolina: "Robt. L. Madison, Prin. C.H.S." to "Mr. M. Buchanan, Treasr. Bd. Mgrs. Normal Dept. C.H.S."

Robert W. Harris Scrapbook

Identifier: SM 11-05
Content Description Black, hardbound scrapbook (18" x 12"), containing chiefly memorabilia of a vacation to Europe, specifically the Mediterranean, including Spain and Italy. Includes clippings, photographs, receipts, publications, correspondence, boarding passes, and maps. Correspondence to/from Mrs. F.R. Harris, Mr. Robert W. Harris, and Marina Harris, 1932-1933. Contains materials relating to the Steamship Exochorda and SS Rex, along with several hotels in New York, Spain, and Italy. Includes "Glimpses from ...

Ron Rash Publications

Identifier: MSS 03-06

Ron Rash Publications, Add. #1

Identifier: MSS 04-07
Content Description Publications containing poetry and other writings of Ron Rash.

Ron Rash Publications, Add. #2

Identifier: MSS 06-03
Content Description Publications containing literary works by Ron Rash

Ron Story & Doug Story Collection

Identifier: SM 02-04
Content Description Land grants for tracts in Burke County, North Carolina, dating from 1784 - 1819.

Royle & Pilkington Textile Collection, Add. #1

Identifier: MSS 93-3
Scope and Contents Two (2) key punch cards for weaving textile patterns. Six (6) original pattern design segments with color guides and weaving guides.

For addition information see, Royle & Pilkington description under MSS 80-68.

R.R. Padgett Collection

Identifier: SM 86-05
Scope and Contents Original albumen photograph of the exterior storefront of R.R. Padgett, of Asheville, NC. The collection also includes a sermon on Padgett's death.

Rufus Morgan Collection

Identifier: MSS 12-02
Scope and Contents The collection consists of materials relating to the life and activities of the Rev. Rufus Morgan (1885 – 1983), an Episcopal Priest in western North Carolina. These materials were gathered by Mr. Ben Bridgers of Sylva, NC, in preparation for a planned biography of Rufus Morgan. Included are correspondence, audio cassettes (1970 – 1979 and no date), notes, photographs, and clippings, chiefly concerning Rev. Rufus Morgan and family. Also included are eight convention journals titled Diocese ...

Ruth Barnes Collection

Identifier: SM 80-15
Scope and Contents The collection contains the following:

(1) "The World's Greatest War" published c. 1917 by the Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal (Atlanta, GA), and containing pictures, statistics, maps, and Woodrow Wilson's war proclamation and message to Congress relative to World War I.

(2) Copy of a picture of a late nineteenth or early twentieth century Alexander family (of North Carolina) reunion.

(3) Copy of a 1911 preaching license issued ...

Samuel McDowell Tate Letters

Identifier: SM 99-1
Content Description Twenty-two (22) pieces of correspondence to S.M. Tate, predominantly concerning railroads and railroad affairs or Tate's capacity as an official with the Western North Carolina Railroad. Included are seven (7) letters by James Wilson, chief engineer of the railroad. The range of dates covers 1868-1896, although the majority are dated during the 1870s. Included are letterhead stationery from: Eagle Hotel; Hot & Warm Springs Hotel (with illustration); War Springs Manufacturing Colony (with ...

Sara Madison Photographs, Add. #1

Identifier: SM 05-08
Scope and Contents The collection consists of one 8 x 10 photograph of the Buzzards Roost area of Cullowhee, and includes the Indian Mound.

Sarah Madison Collection

Identifier: MSS 06-07
Content Description Materials concerning the Wike, Sutton, Madison, and allied families of western North Carolina; the history of Western Carolina University; and Jackson County, North Carolina history. Documents include, but are not limited to, sheet music, including items by Robert Frank Jarrett and World War I pieces, and music instruction materials or publications; copies of Western Carolina Teachers College May Day programs (1938 – 1940, 1950) and programs for other events (1944 – 1948 & n.d.); Davies ...

Sarah Madison Papers

Identifier: SM 02-07

Scarborough, Hazel

Identifier: MSS 80-37
Scope and Contents The collection contains several groups of correspondence, most of which concerns relatives of Hazel Scarborough. These groups are:

Auyer (Ayer) Cole, Asheville, NC:., letters to his family during World War I service: 1917-1918.

William B. Simpson, Weaverville, NC: , letters to his family during his military service in Korea: 1953.

E. C. Cole family, Asheville, NC: ., correspondence & papers: 1914-1918.

School Fund of 1894 [Jackson County]

Identifier: SM 98-2
Scope and Contents "School Fund" report for Jackson County, North Carolina, listing school districts, among of money paid for 1894.

Scotts Creek Store Ledger Sheet

Identifier: SM 93-1
Scope and Contents Page from an 1839 store daybook, and purported to be the store operated by Andy Cope on Scotts Creek. A note written by Ernest Keener in 1924 indicates that the page was discovered in 1920 in the tower of the old Courthouse at Webster.

For additional information see: J.D. McRorie, "Knowing Jackson", Sylva Herald, December 12, 1985; and, "Andrew Cope", Jackson County Heritage, North Carolina, Vol., 1992, pp. 168-69.

Smither (Smathers) Family Collection

Identifier: SM 80-43
Scope and Contents The collection contains materials on the history of the Smither (or Smathers) family of Jackson, Haywood, and Buncombe counties, NC, as compiled by the Smither Genealogy Archives. The documentation largely consists of photocopies of census records, legal records, and pages from books that mention the Smither or Smathers name.

The census records, which include the Smathers and Fulbright families, are from Habersham County, GA; Red River County, TX; and Buncombe, Haywood, ...

Sol and Lillian Schulman and Family Collection

Identifier: MSS 04-01
Content Description Box 1 of the Sol and Lillian Schulman Collection focuses on Schulman’s Dept. Store. The ledger and account books record, in detail, each patron’s name, town of residence, purchases and credits. The second box of the collection is primarily made up of plaques and certificates presented to the Schulmans by area businesses and organizations. The awards range in date from 1982-2002. Folder 1 includes an “Economy Weekly Time Book” which documents Schulman’s employees, their hours worked and wages ...

Some Flowers that Grew in 1930 (Notebook)

Identifier: SM 10-15
Content Description Fragile.

Scope and Contents The collection consists of a pressed flowers notebook. The cover of the notebook has the title “Some Flowers that Grew in 1930.” On the inside page is a note indicating “Dedicated to Miss Taylor and the 1930 Biology Class.”

Sons of Temperance Collection

Identifier: MSS 13-03
Content Description Two minute books of the Sons of Temperance of Haywood County, North Carolina, the first from Forks of Pigeon, Division Room (1860-1862) and the second from the Sonoma Division (1883-1885). Also included are four books: Cocker’s Arithmetick (Dublin, 1751); Youth’s Temperance Manual (American Book Company, c1888); Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Courtship of Miles Standish (1919); The McCall Speller (Laidlaw Brothers, c1925, c1928).

Steam Laundry, Mountain Park Hotel Records

Identifier: SM 02-01
Content Description Printed receipt book for the Steam Laundry of the Mountain Park Hotel, Hot Springs, North Carolina. Standard charges for particular items of clothing are listed. The pre-printed date on the heading is 1890.

Stringfield, Love, & Sloan Families

Identifier: MSS 16-02
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials related to the Stringfield, Love, Sloan, and related families of Haywood County, NC. See related collections for more information on these families:

MSS 80-06 William Williams Stringfield

MSS 80-20 William Williams Stringfield, Add. #1

SM 80-55 James Robert Love

MSS 81-06 James Robert Love, Add. #1

MSS 15-03 ...

Stringfield, Sloan, and Love Families

Identifier: MSS 15-03
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials related to the Stringfield, Sloan, Love, and related families of Haywood County, NC. See also:

MSS 80-06 William Williams Stringfield

MSS 80-20 William Williams Stringfield, Add. #1

SM 80-55 James Robert Love

MSS 81-06 James Robert Love, Add. #1

This collection chiefly concerns the descendants of William ...

Sue Ellen Bridgers Papers, Add. #1

Identifier: MSS 93-2
Content Description Drafts, revised manuscripts, an uncorrected proof, and notes for the novel Keeping Christina.

The folders list "groups" of chapters, page sequences, or notes according to the order in which they were originally received. Within these groups, the various segments are denoted, again in the original order as received and not rearranged by chapter or page number. Pagination typically is taken from typed page numbers; handwritten revisions to the page sequence are provided in brackets. ...

Sue Ellen Bridgers Papers, Add. #2

Identifier: MSS 95-6
Content Description A style sheet and draft manuscript of Sue Ellen Bridgers book, Keeping Christina. The manuscript consists of a copy edited proof of 226 numbered pages (243 sheets total including insert pages).

For additional information, see the main entry collection for Sue Ellen Bridgers, MSS 89-1, and the addition, MSS 93-2.

Sue Ellen Bridgers Papers, Add. #3

Identifier: MSS 97-01
Content Description Drafts and revisions of Bridgers' novel, All We Know of Heaven

Sue Ellen Bridgers Papers, Add. #4

Identifier: MSS 01-02
Content Description Manuscripts for Bridgers’ novel All We Know of Heaven, published in 1996.

The folders list “groups” of chapters, pages sequences, or notes according to the order in which they were originally received. Within these groups, the various segments are denoted, again in the original order as received and not rearranged by chapter or page number. Pagination is typically taken from typed page numbers, unless otherwise noted. When a chapter is paginated individually, or lacks page numbers ...

Sue Hedden Benson Collection

Identifier: SM 00-10
Scope and Contents The collection consists of the following items:

Two (2) handwritten notes from Sue Hedden Benson’s cousins in a pink envelope.

A one Yen military currency note.

A Dillsboro & Sylva Electric Light Company bill for $7.59 to Hedden Barber Shop, Sylva, N.C., dated March 1, 1944.

A brown book of “Schoolday Memoires” tied together with brown ribbon which belonged to Sue Hedden Benson.

A white book of “Memoires” for Sylva Central High ...

Sylva Rotary Club, Add. #1

Identifier: MSS 06-10
Content Description Organizational records and commemorative materials of the Sylva Rotary Club, of Sylva, North Carolina, founded in 1928

Sylva Rotary Club Papers

Identifier: MSS 05-03
Content Description Organizational records and commemorative materials of the Sylva Rotary Club, of Sylva, North Carolina, founded in 1928. Included are issues of the Rotarian magazine, Rotary pamphlets and newsletters, by-laws and constitution of the Rotary Club, scrapbooks, memoranda, news articles, correspondence, and other materials documenting the history and activities of the Sylva Rotary Club.

T. Ray Gibbs Collection

Identifier: MSS 96-09
Content Description The Ray Gibbs Collection contains over 50 household artifacts. Gibbs (b. 1904) was a distinguished alumnus of WCU (Class of 1927, Cullowhee State Normal School) who chose a career in education. He served as a teacher, coach, principal, and assistant superintendent throughout North Carolina before retiring as Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools in the late 1950s. He and his wife, Frances Louise Patrick Gibbs, retired to Whittier, N.C. where Ray was raised. The Gibbs Collection came to the ...

T. Wood Paxton Collection

Identifier: SM 07-03
Content Description World War II “War Ration Book One” made out to Milford Jenkins, Cullowhee, Jackson County, N.C.: May 5, 1942.

An invitation to a celebration and the corresponding envelope, the latter postmarked December 1945.

Postal patron form from Congressman Roy A. Taylor requesting opinions of voters in the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina: June 1975.

The Bear, 1955 (School Yearbook)

Identifier: SM 02-10
Content Description School annual of Stephens-Lee High School, Asheville, N.C., for 1955.

The Cardinal (annual of Clyde High School, 1964)

Identifier: SM 05-02
Scope and Contents A copy of the 1964 issue of The Cardinal, annual of Clyde High School, Clyde, North Carolina.

The Oakley Oak, 1952 (School Yearbook)

Identifier: SM 03-04
Scope and Contents High School annual entitled the Oakley Oak for 1952, for school in Buncombe County, N.C., and containing sixty-four (64) numbered pages.

Thomas Conn Bryan Collection

Identifier: MSS 84-01
Scope and Contents Notes and commentaries on American history and historiography by T. Conn Bryan, former professor of history at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC. The notes concern 20th century United States history and Southern history.

Thomas Rain Crowe and New Native Press

Identifier: MSS 95-09
Scope and Contents Publications (journals, magazines, books) containing works of Thomas Rain Crowe; correspondence (photocopies); miscellaneous photos (copies); and miscellaneous newspaper and magazine articles (originals and copies) written about Crowe and/or his publications or activities.

The rights for items in this collection are for the physical property only, and do not include common law, statutory and copyrights, rights for publication and royalties, which remain with the Donor.

Tuckaseigee Bank, Sylva, N.C.

Identifier: SM 98-1
Scope and Contents Miscellany, containing receipts payment vouchers; bank illustration.

Twentieth Century Club (Sylva, NC)

Identifier: MSS 86-04
Scope and Contents The Twentieth Century Club, of Sylva, NC--a member of the Federated Women's Clubs of America--was organized in April 1925. The object of the club was to promote interest in education, philanthropy, public welfare, moral values, civics, and fine arts. Early club projects included:

1. Establishing a town library,

2. Furnishing lunches for needy children,

3. Establishing a continuing scholarship for a Western Carolina ...

Venoy and Elizabeth Reed Collection

Identifier: MSS 05-06
Content Description Papers of Robert Venoy Reed (1915 - 1984) and Elizabeth Reed of Jackson County, North Carolina. Materials include correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, books and magazines, and memorabilia. Also included are medals and awards from Venoy Reed’s service in the United States military in the European theater of war during World War II. Also included are school annuals of Webster High School and Sylva-Webster High School, representing Mrs. Reed’s years of service in ...

Vera E. Taylor

Identifier: SM 80-02
Content Description The collection contains a photocopy of a booklet, The Battle of Fort Sumter and First Victory of the Southern Troops, April 13, 1861, published in Charleston, SC, in 1861. This account of the Fort Sumter affair is chiefly a compilation of reports by Charleston newspapers. The book is thirty-two pages in length and contains, in addition to an account of the battle, a description of Fort Sumter and the official correspondence of the Confederate command.

The second item in the ...

W. C. (Weston Cosby) Reed Papers

Identifier: MSS 97-6
Content Description Papers of W.C. Reed (1893-1970) primarily dating from the 1920s - 1930s, including items concerning Jackson County schools. Also included are a variety of forms and pamphlets and a paper on Jackson County history.

W. Frank Forsyth Papers

Identifier: MSS 80-45
Content Description Forsyth's papers are divided into eight broad categories. The first category includes legislative and personal correspondence from his N. C. Senate years, invitations to political affairs, Senate and House directories, various legislative bills and state statistics. The second category has Western Carolina University Board of Trustees notes, letters of sympathy and funeral / memorial papers. The third category has newspaper clippings, with subjects ranging from Forsyth's Senate campaign to ...

W.A. Hobbs Collection

Identifier: MSS 81-09
Scope and Contents Black-and-white prints of the United States Presidents from George Washington to Gerald Ford by Edmond R. Spoono. Each print is 16 inches by 20 inches and is dated 1974.

Wade Galloway Family Collection

Identifier: SM 11-02
Content Description The collection consists of sixty-seven (67) color photographic slides of the “grand parade” held for the county centennial celebration for Jackson County, North Carolina, held September 3, 1951, featuring floats, crowd scenes, and individuals; a photographic slide of the Moseman’s Superette; twenty-one (21) color negatives of parades in Cherokee, N.C., and at Western Carolina College (now Western Carolina University); four (4) photographs of the 1940 flood in Cullowhee, N.C.; a scrapbook, ...